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utorak, kolovoz 23, 2016

AS Roma - FC Porto

Full Event Yes (Both to score)

Unfortunately we will not be seeing either AS Roma or FC Porto in this season's edition of the Champions League. This is known as the two teams prenumerarat on a place in the main tournament for several seasons and it feels strange that one of the teams will have to make do with the Europa League .But such is the reality , and now it will be decided which of the two teams that finished in which the tournament spot . After the first meeting between the teams , it is 1-1. In other words, AS Roma brings a fine away goals to Italy. It means that the team progressing to the Champions League if the match ends in a draw , and they can afford to play 1-1 to take the match into extra time. It also means that FC Porto will have to go forward in search of goals. If they become speechless , they focus on the Europa League in the fall.


Legia Warszawa - Dundalk

Full Event Home -1.50 (AH)

Legia was the best team away where they managed to win 2-0, so at home i dont see this one going much different...maybe even 3-0 or 4-0


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